Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Orleans Squared

I have accumulated a whole lot of junk....old tin ceiling

tiles, beaded board, wooden doors, etc. And I have really

been enjoying reclaiming some of this and turning it into

art. These things are pure escape for me; I don't have to

think too much, and they satisfy my need to construct

something and recycle at the same time. I finished this one

today, working outside in the beautiful weather. It is made

from a 24" square piece of ceiling tin mounted onto canvas

stretcher bars. I collaged ivory parchment paper around the

edges to seal off the sharp sides of the tin. I printed some of

my New Orleans photos in a sepia tone, and added them to

the centers of the tin squares. Then I added the textured

corrogated cardboard strips in the cross shape in the middle.

I sealed it all...rust and everything. It is magnetic, though, and will

hold magnets as a memo board.

I am trying to do several of these and they will be for sale in

the shop. I am putting together a little Louisiana corner, and

there will be some other stuff there, too.

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