Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Collage...Paris

Still playing around with these collages on canvas, using
Paris images and fun paper. I had these vintage watercolors
already...of Notre Dame and Sacre Cour, and I made copies of
them on parchment paper. The lace edge paper was made
with my new little paper press that cuts the paper with the
scalloped edge. I am new to all this "crafty" stuff; I have
always relied on my "fine art" training to produce art. But
I am trying to stretch myself a little, and discovering lots of
neat techniques to use, and lots of neat new materials. Some
of this is probably "old hat" to some of you (Cyndi!!) , but I
am having so much fun playing around with all of it. Who
says you can't teach an old artist new tricks?!
Paris Collage Pair 9 x 12 gallery wrapped canvas $50.00 each
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