Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Orleans Institution

For the "Destinations" art show in May
I am going to include New Orleans...
I have been there to paint numerous
times. It is one of my favorite cities.
This is Tujague's (pronounced two
jacks), the oldest restaurant in town.
They have a very small menu, just
two or three main dishes, and the
dining room is small, too. It is down
in the French Quarter on Decatur
Street. I have eaten here several
times, and it is always a treat.

I've had several friends tell me they
have been reading this blog...I
appreciate your interest in my work.
I found this great quote: "By sharing
our creative magic with others, we
reap the magic of their friendship".
So, thanks for viewing my creative
endeavors, and I am blessed by
your friendship.

"Tujague's" orig wc 11 x 14 $75.00
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