Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Eat Here...Get Gas"

There are only a couple of places in
Big Bend to get gas, so you have to
plan ahead. It is very vast, and you
could be in a bind if you didn't check
your gas tank. There is also only a
couple of places to pick up something
to eat. This old gas pump is located
at one of the places where you can
do both.
The Castolon Store is on the west
side of the park, and we arrived
here on our second day. We bought
a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut
butter, some chips, and a couple
of apples, and had a picnic outside
near this gas pump. A plastic knife
and some jelly packets saved from
breakfast came in handy. There were
only a few other people at the store, and
I told the young man working there
that he must have one of the loneliest
jobs in the world! He said he didn't
really know because he just started!
I hope he is hanging in there, and lots
of people go by the Castolon Store.

"Eat Here...Get Gas" orig pencil 8 x 10
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