Sunday, February 17, 2008

Essie Mae and Mattie Claire..good choices

I entered two
pieces in the
Guild 29th
Annual Show in
Alexandria, LA
and attended the
opening reception
this afternoon.
I entered the
two pencil drawings:
"Essie Mae", the
noble, older woman;
"Mattie Claire", the
young adorable
child of a friend.
"Essie Mae" won second place in the show, and "Mattie Claire" won Viewer's Choice (which is a real honor). woohoo!
I love the simplicity of pencil drawings. And I think the crowd appreciated that, too. They were the only two pencil drawings in the entire show, so I think they stood out. I was very pleased.
"Essie Mae" orig pencil drawing $500.00
"Mattie Claire" orig pencil drawing $500.00
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