Thursday, February 7, 2008

Big Bend View-Rio Grande Trail

The first trail we hiked was the Rio Grande
trail that crosses a swamp, climbs some
rocks, and then meanders down to the
river. This is where we first encountered
the Mexican "marketplace".

Along the trail were some walking sticks and some
small wire scorpion sculptures, placed near
a plastic jug, and a note held down by a
convenient rock. The note asked for hikers
to purchase any of the items, and leave the
money in the jar. We thought it was very
odd. As we drew near to the river, we
could see two Mexican men on the cliffs
above the river. They called out to us, and
asked if we would help them, and buy
their wares. I guess they come over into
the U.S. overnight and leave their things,
and then watch from the cliffs during the
day, hoping for some sales.

We learned later that the park rangers
frown on this activity, and that you can
be fined or even arrested if they find
any of those items in your possession.
I'm glad we didn't feel like shopping!

Big Bend -Rio Grande Trail 8 x 11
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