Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rocks, Trees, and Water

Along Steel Creek

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Just a few more shots from Arkansas.  The leaves were just starting
to turn a little...a couple more weeks, and they will be beautiful. 
There is just something great about rocks, trees and water together...
just about can't go wrong.  These are all taken with a new lens...a wide
 angle one.  It gathers a bit more information to the
sides of the format...a little more panaramic..nice. 

I saw two otters playing near those large rocks in the  They were checking me
out, and then diving under quickly.  They disappeared under the rocks..I think
their den was back behind the rocks toward the bank. 

I am trying to decide which of the Arkansas photos I will use with
the scriptures.  I will use at least one of the elk ones.  And probably a
couple of landscape ones too.  Coming soon!

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