Monday, October 8, 2012

Crystal Bridges

On Saturday, we made our way up to Bentonville, Arkansas, to see
the Crystal Bridges Art Museum.  This is the sign
on the way in.

The entrance to the museum with a great silver tree sculpture

This building is wonderful...I have never seen anything quite like it. 
The units are grouped over the lake, with lots of glass
walls that let the light in.

One of my favorite paintings in the looked like a lot of
the landscape right outside.

Another one of my favorite paintings...I love how the
wave looks

Outside the building...part of the extensive gardens and a great metal sculpture. 
We didn't go was cold and raining!

This is a magnificent complex...all dedicated to American art.  It was the vision of
the daughter of Sam Walton (of Walmart).  It has been open only a year.  The crowds
were large that day...lots of families, large groups, and art enthusiasts of all kinds.
There is a large cafe and dining area, and also an auditorium for presentations.
They do some art educational activities for children.  There is just a lot going on here!
And it is definitely worth plan a trip to Bentonville, Arkansas (of all places),
and enjoy a great time, communing with art and nature.
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