Wednesday, October 10, 2012

In the Shot

Trying to make my "scary, spider face"
With some local chainsaw art!

Looking like Pinocchio
Hard at work on the Buffalo River

I made it all the way to Whitaker Point!

Hard at work my sock feet

My good friend that went with me to Arkansas on my latest escapade
to photograph the elk herd (and other things) decided I needed
to pose on all the crazy things we saw along the way.  So, here
is a sampling.  The spider was at a dinosaur park that closed long
ago.  The chainsaw artist was along one of the backroads.  The sculpture
of Pinocchio was at the Crystal Bridges art museum.  And the
great rock ledge is called Whitaker Point...we hiked for over an
hour to get up there!  We were exhausted, but glad we made it!
And she managed to take a few shots of me hard at work taking
pics.  She especially loved that I went out once in my socks....
because I was too tired to put my shoes back on....priceless.

I got a call from another good friend who has invited an art curator of a regional
museum to come up and see my work...wonder if she would be impressed
with me here!?

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