Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rooming Options

Savannah and I working on her painting for her room.

Savannah and her smile

Jessica's finished piece!

Savannah's finished piece

I have been out of pocket, out in Dallas, picking up some merchandise for
 the shop.  While there, I had a great time helping my two great nieces
do a work of art for their rooms.  Savannah is the young one, and we
 did a combination piece for her.  We bought the cross already finished,
and the pink frame.  So we painted the canvas to match.  Savannah was a
lot of help!  I did paint the dots all by myself, and then we put it all together.
Jessica wanted a really contemporary piece for her "tween" room.  The
canvases are 20 x 20, and we lined them up and painted the strokes all the
way across.  Then we had fun splattering, etc.  The large orange metal
flower is mounted on the center canvas, and the whole thing is going over
her bed.  
fun, fun


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