Monday, October 1, 2012

Art in the Foyer

While I was in Baton Rouge, I managed to visit a shop called
"The Foyer" on Perkins Road.  It is an eclectic shop, filled with
antiques, collectibles, decorative accessories, and lots of art.  I
was impressed with several of the artists displaying there.  The
artist at the top paints birds on pages of music or books, including
the bible.  Rhea Gary paints the colorful marshes and swamps.  I
think I have posted her work on here before.  I love her use of
color, and her commitment to save the marshland of Louisiana.
Her prints and originals are available on her website.  Terri Dakmak
is the last artist, a watercolorist.  She also does colorful work, with
lots of animals and patterns....very cool. 
If you are in Baton Rouge sometime, check out this shop.  They also
have a Facebook page. 
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