Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shrimp Boats and Rusty Tin

Someone asked me recently about how I

decide what to work on next?! I can't

really explain how my creative brain

works, but I can offer a few insights.

I usually have a goal or an incentive;

a show piece, an exhibit,

a series, a competition, or a commissioned

piece. And I usually have multiple goals

all at once! So I alternate between subjects

or projects, usually depending upon my

mood or the "squeaky wheel". Right now,

I have the priority of working toward the

Louisiana show that I will need to hang in

the fall, by November 1st. So I am constantly

thinking of subjects for that, and deciding

which mediums will work best for the

ideas that come to me. I thumb through my

countless photos, and get those ideas simply

by viewing them, over and over.

These two images, from a trip down to

south Louisiana, keep coming around. So,

I will probably do something with them,

perhaps a watercolor or a drawing. You'll

have to stay tuned to see!

I hope that clears up some of the artist's

mysterious process...maybe I wrote this for

myself! I hope it will help me focus, and get

some work done!!

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