Saturday, July 21, 2012

Two Birds...One Print

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A customer wanted this scripture on a print for her
new home.  I had already done the colored version
and I decided to do another for her to choose from. 
I took both of these pictures in Texas: the top one was
in Fredericksburg and the bottom one was in Boerne.
These are both adorable small towns that have really
capitalized on the tourist market.  They are crammed
full with specialty shops and restaurants and are
consequently also full of shoppers!  I have always wished
my small town could be more like them. 
If you are ever traveling in central Texas...either of these
towns would be worth an afternoon.  Let me know if
you have ever been there or would like to go...sounds
like a road trip to me!

Glory Bee Graphics Prints
12 x 18  $65.00 
Framed  $175.00
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