Monday, July 9, 2012

Swamp Tour Extravaganza

All smiles before the Swamp Tour

Away we go!

A Shrimp boat along the bayou

Our first gator sighting...just a small one

A blue heron along the way

Our guide started feeding them marshmallows!  in the rain!

And this is "El Whoppo"...a 14 footer that they guide found for us to see

He is eating hot dogs!


This is the other boat on the tour beside us

And this is "Black Jaw"...another huge gator that came up to the boat
when the guide called to him, and offered the hot dog on a stick!

Wow, what fun on the swamp tour!  We all survived! and saw some
great alligator action.  We used the Honey Island Swamp tours, and
our guide was very knowledgeable and friendly.  There were lots of us
on the boat, about 25 people or so...all ages and from all over.  It rained
for a little while, but then cleared up.  We got to see quite a show as the
gators came out of the water to reach the dangling hot dogs.  Jessica
will never forget it!  Just one more true "Louisiana" experience.

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