Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Art of Cooking part 2

Hard at work, and concentrating!

Showing off their fruit creations


raw materials

proud plate

enjoying the "fruits" of their labor!

Chef Jessica

All of the cooks

We had our second cooking class today at the Pea Patch.  These young chefs
made some fruit cup treats, their own pancake batter and pancakes with
blueberry syrup, and sausage.  It was a breakfast brunch theme today,
and Mrs. Carolyn Lang did a great job teaching and supervising the
cooks in the kitchen.  My great niece is still here, and she got to join
in the fun too.  I just watched all the activity, but I did get a little
taste of some of their finished creations...thumbs up!

We will try to keep everyone posted about upcoming classes for
kids.  We have several more in the works.
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