Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beignets and a Band

Cafe DuMonde's famous, delicious beignets...yum

There is a famous photograph of the waiters at the
cafe all reading the newspaper...times have changed!

Me and the band on Jackson Square

This man has been playing tuba there for years...I have drawn
him several times!

We are still down in New Orleans.  I am entertaining (I mean
babysitting! ) my great niece for the next week.  We are having
a great time showing her some Louisiana life down here. 
She will also get to see Winnfield as well (wow). 
Anyway, we started the day yesterday with Cafe Du Monde
and beignets (fried donuts + powdered sugar).  And then
we took a stroll through the square where she took my
pic with the street musicians.  fun.  Check out the
guy's tuba...reckon it has seen some hard times?!
Perhaps it survived Katrina...certainly looks like it!
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