Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

Audubon Zoo   New Orleans

Got to take my grandchildren to the zoo this past weekend.  It is one
of my favorite places. They are known for their bird collections, and birds
are one of my favorite subjects for artwork.  Took a few pics in between
chasing an adorable 2 yr old around.  Our favorite animals were the
giraffes.  They were not out in their enclosure (they told us if it is muddy,
they don't let them out because they might slip and break a leg). They
were in their barn, and we got to see them up CLOSE...really CLOSE!
And they are huge!!  They were right on the other side of a  wire
fence...we could experience them from the ground level, and appreciate
their height!  In fact, the large males had to duck to come inside the door...
amazing!! (no was dark, and too close up for my big lens...!)

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