Friday, June 24, 2016 of Lace

This was my favorite location besides Venice..this is Burano.

The colorful houses were adorable.  I was told that the sailors painted
them in bright colors so that they could spot them from
their ships as they returned home.

The artist and I are in her studio in Burano.  She loved looking 

at my book, and her art was wonderful....colorful and fun.
I got to paint there, and had fun visiting with onlookers as I

This island off the coast of Venice, is known for its' lace manufacturing.
It all used to be made by hand, and you could see the women
making it in their homes.  I didn't get to see that this time, but there
was a lot of lace for sale in the shops.

I plan to do some more watercolors of this charming location.

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