Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Multi Tasking

Pen and Ink Watercolor of the Long Family Home
(where the Earl K. Long Park is located now)

Matching Sunflower design for

In the course of a day, I do so many art-related tasks.
I usually try to start the day with a design project,
sketching some ideas, drawing off something to paint
that night, etc.  When I get to the gallery around lunch
every day, I help wait on the customers, prepare
desserts, bus tables...etc.  Then in the afternoon, I
wait on customers in the shop or work on custom
frame orders.  I might have to un-box an order of gift
merchandise, or arrange items in the shop or gallery.
Then, late at night, at home, I usually paint or
draw something before I go to bed.  My days are never
dull!  And it is a great life for an artist...I am not just
isolated in my studio, waiting for ideas, and working
all alone!  I get a chance everyday to interact with people,
talk about my work, serve people a great meal,
and custom frame their treasured items. 

The pen and ink drawing at the top was a framing job I
finished today.  The customer had two Winnfield prints already,
and she wanted this one to add to her collection.  It is a print
of the Long family home that was here in Winnfield.  Huey and
Earl both grew up in this house.  It burned down, but the park is
the original location.  I have the prints, in black and white,
and I hand-paint them with watercolor.

The sunflower painting was done to match the red and gold
medallion designs I finished a few days ago.  It will all go together
on some products I am working on.  Will share when it all gets
done.  I am very excited to be doing my own collection,
and can't wait to get it all finalized. woohoo
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