Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Pagan Pagoda

The Wild Goose Pagoda in Xian (jshee an)

The monks use ink and brush to write on the prayer ribbons
in calligraphy

Some beautiful wood carving on the building

The monk painting on the ribbon

We visited this pagoda in Xian.  I haven't talked too much about
the religion in China.  Officially, the country is atheist.  Those who
are religious are one of the following: Buddhist, Taoist, or the
teachings of Confucious.  I only saw two Christian
in Beijing, and one in Shanghai.  They do allow Christian missionaries,
but on a very limited basis. 
I spoke to our tour director, Andy, and he said he believed some
of the Buddhist beliefs.  I asked him about the afterlife, and he said
he thought that life is just over.  If you are lucky, you are
reincarnated, if not, you just fade away.  It made me very
sad.  I told him I was a Christian, and he knew about the
religion with the one God, and Jesus.  He said it was a
"good one". 

These monks are writing on prayer ribbons, that the worshippers
buy at the pagoda.  They pray for different things and
situations, and they write the request on it.  Then it is tied
on a tree or bush, or part of the building.  The worshippers
believe then that the prayer will be answered, but they have
no assurance.  There is not a personal relationship with any
of their "gods".  The idol worship and paganism really
bothered me, and my heart was broken for the people there.

I will pray for the people of China...that the saving grace and
love of Jesus could reach at least some of them. 

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