Friday, February 6, 2015

The Finishing Touches

I started this watercolor awhile back, but I have been unable to get back to
it.  I did add the background stripes and the shadows on her

So tonight, I was able to get a little time, and do the finishing touches.  I added
some colored pencil in the background and a few squiggles here and there.
I thought it "jazzed" up the piece (ha!).  Anyway, I am satisfied with it now,
and enjoyed trying something new.

As women these days, we "wear a lot of hats", meaning we do a lot of
different jobs.  At the gallery, we also have a cafe, and I have been filling
in with the cooking for the last month.  My fulltime cook has had
surgery, and she is still at home recuperating.  So, instead of painting and
drawing, I have been measuring, stirring, boiling and baking!  But
cooking is quite creative too, and I have enjoyed it.  I have always
heard that the best kind of work is work you are passionate about.  Art is certainly
my first passion (although being a grandmother is running a close
second!).  But I enjoy all aspects of my business...afterall, it was all my idea
to begin with.  So, I will savor my last week or so in the kitchen, but I was
tickled to get to finish this painting as well.
And now on a peaceful Friday night, its' hats off!!

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