Monday, October 10, 2011

1300 and Counting

1300....I thought you might think I was going to

say I had 1300 pieces in the Louisiana show!...or

that I had 1300, actually, I have written

1300 posts! wow...they have all been fun, and I hope

you have gained something from at least a few of them?!

I am busy putting together a bunch of "junk" to paint

on. These boards came from a house that we tore down

(beside the Sonic!). I am going to paint a brown pelican

on them.

I also finished up this window collage today. The

top two sections are canvas that I attached in the

glass openings. Then I collaged onto the glass in the

bottom two sections. The fleur de lis and the

wooden scrolls are all glued on.

My daughter salvaged a great old green chest

of drawers, and I was able to dismantle it. I am

going to use the various pieces to paint on, etc.

Here are two that I did tonight...a white pelican,

and another egret. I am going to

hang them with some

wire and some twigs...too cool.

Vintage Wood Paintings / Scrap Art!

Pelican $40.00 Egret $40.00

Window Collage $150

In honor of 1300, I am going to be giving away some

art this week...stay tuned.
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