Thursday, October 13, 2011

Posts and Twigs

Thinking outside the box...or canvas. This is

a canvas framed with 100 yr old beaded board.

I will either do a painting or a collage..still thinking.

My daughter gave me these great porch

posts, so I thought I would think of different

ways to use them. Here I suspended the pelican

painting from one with a chain. I like the

white bird and white post, and the contrast in

their shapes.

And I have been saving these twigs and branches

as they fall to the ground in the yard. I knew I

wanted something "woodsy" with this one, so I

attached the twigs as a holder at the top, and

added some at the bottom to balance it out.

I am having fun putting all these concoctions

together. "out of the box" is my thing.

Pelican Post original acrylic ptg $50

Twiggy Egret original acrylic ptg $50
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