Sunday, March 4, 2012

Good Things...Small Packages

I flew to Las Vegas in order to drive out to
Zion and Bryce.  While there, I encountered
Peter Lik's gallery.  He is a renowned landscape
photographer, and has taken many photos in the
western US.  I enjoyed seeing some of his images.
He also prints a series of small images that he
calls "Elements'.  It might be just a leaf, or
flower petal...a close up of rocks, etc.  I
was browsing through some of my images, and
I thought of these as my own "elements"!  I
always enjoy finding small, interesting subjects
among all the vast landscape vistas.  You just have to
observe, and look a little closer, and you might just
find a small treasure.  And you don't have to go
far...maybe in your own backyard!  I hope you go
out this week, and find joy in the small treasures
of God's infinite creation.

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