Monday, February 24, 2014

Have Wok, Will Travel "A Taste of China"

Saturday night it was time again for great food and a gallery talk.
We hosted our 4th dinner party, "A Taste of China".  My son
in law agreed to come and do the cooking, and prepared
a wonderful Chinese meal for our guests. 
This is Buddha's Delight...a mix of Chinese vegetables in
a delicious sauce.

This was our dessert, prepared by my daughter.  A Ginger Lychee sorbet..
cool and sweet.

This was our beef course...stir fried and yummy.

And here is Pete, explaining his ingredients and techniques
to our diners.

During my gallery talk, I shared the original photo of this
fisherman, as well as this drawing of him.  It was everyone's

This is Lemon the wok...sizzling away.

And the shrimp...all ready to be served.

We had a great time sharing our talents in the kitchen and
the easel with our guests on Saturday.  I am traveling to
the Galapagos Islands this summer, and our event
next year will have an island theme.  Let us know if you
would like to be included.  Can't wait!

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