Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Buzz on the "Blossom"

I started this watercolor tonight of
the bee on the crabapple tree. That is
my small set of watercolors that I usually
travel with (it just went to Greece!) But
it takes up less room on my desk, so I like
to use it. These are the initial washes, the
lightest parts of the painting. Watercolor looks
best built up in transparent layers. They call it "glazing".
I will work on these flowers in the foreground
until they are finished. Then I will mask them
out with masking fluid, and paint the background
looser and wetter. You can do it either way.
But since my masking fluid is all dried up! I
will have to do it this way. This painting (if
successful) may end up in the Blossom Art
Competition. will see...
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