Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blossom II Art of Flowers

There is a very prestigious art show held in
Houston called "Blossom". It is an international
competition with great prize money. It is sponsored
by the Susan K Black Foundation, and this is the
second year for the show. The deadline is September
I am deciding which flower photograph I would like
to paint or draw and enter. This photo is in the
running. This is a plumeria tree bloom. I bought
this tree in the airport in Hawaii five years ago! and
have managed to keep it alive. It finally bloomed
this year, and this is it. I think it is beautiful; it almost
looks like the yellow is airbrushed on. Anyway, I
will probably draw or paint this this summer and
see how it turns out.
If you are interested in the competition, you can
visit their website.
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