Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On the Road again...

I leave in the morning for San Francisco. These
are the maps I ran off to take with me. I plan to
stay in San Francisco for awhile and take some
photos of the bridge and Fisherman's Wharf, etc.
I am staying in Los Gatos for the convention.
I am free during most of the day, so I am planning
to go down to Carmel by the Sea and visit some
of the galleries, etc. I hope to get some nice
ocean/surf photographs.
The awards
banquet is Friday nite, and I am receiving a 5
year merit award. (that means I have gotten
into the show 5 times within 10 years). It is
a real honor and I am looking forward to it.
Then, the opening reception for the art show is
Saturday nite, and the public will attend that event.
It is always great to see everybody's work, especially
in person. I have seen it before in the program that is
mailed out later, but it makes a real difference to see
the work in person. And it is fun to hear what people
say about your can stand nearby, and
It should be a good trip. I will try to post while there.
Now, for some sleep.....I will count some sheep (!)
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