Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On the Line

I am busy washing and packing for my trip to
California for the CPSA convention. I thought it
would be appropriate to post these laundry
pics! The top two are from Corfu, Greece...one
of the favorite stops on my recent trip. And
the bottom photo was taken by my daughter
during her trip to Fiji last fall.
I was just talking to someone this week about
the role of a woman artist. I have always been
slightly envious of the men artists who rise in
the morning, and go to their studio, and paint
for 8 hours. They are able to do this because
there is usually a wife at home taking care of all
the life stuff that needs doing. Whereas, the
woman artist has to find a way to do all the life
stuff, and then paint or create too. Maybe this
is just sour grapes...we all make choices every day
about how we spend our time. But today, I haven't
done any art, because I am doing the laundry!!
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