Sunday, July 25, 2010

Athens 4x4

I have a whole series of these famous city
images (Venice, Paris, London). And now I
have Athens! It is fun to go through my photos
and try and decide what the iconic images are
from a certain place. It has to "speak" to the
viewer; they have to know instantly what city
they are looking at. I had a few others in
consideration here: an olive tree, the Porch of
the Maidens, some moussaka! Anyway, I
finally chose these because they make a strong
composition, and they also communicate.

This is a series that I plan to submit to some
licensing companies for use as coasters, trays,
framed prints, etc. Since I am going to San Francisco
this coming weekend, I will probably add it to the
mix before I send them off.
I just watched a PBS program on the Monterrey
Aquarium, and it was fabulous. I think it is near
where I will be....will have to check it out, too.
(If anyone knows, please let me know asap!)
"Destination" designs Available as 12 x 12 Prints $40
NoteCards set of 4 designs/ 8 cards + envelopes $15.00
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