Friday, July 2, 2010


On the last day of our cruise, we made it
to the island of Santorini. I had always been
told that I must go to this Greek island,
because it was the most photogenic, and
there would be many scenes to paint. That
was indeed true. It was lovely.
The island and the surrounding small islets
were formed from the rim of an ancient volcano
that exploded in about 1500 BC. Some believe
this event was the basis of Plato's writings
about the lost continent of Atlantis.
We came ashore at the main town of Thira,
that is perched 1000 feet above the sea level
on the lip of the old volcanic crater. There are
3 ways to reach the city: 587 stone steps that
zigzag up the hill; the famous donkey ride; or
the more modern cable car.
I really enjoyed taking pics of the charming
blue-roofed churches, and the stacked buildings
and narrow lanes. Many of these scenes will
probably become paintings in the next few days.
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