Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ongoing sketchbook....

Been working in this sketchbook again this
pm...I am up to 22 pages, and I am not
even to the islands yet! I see some more
editing in my future. It is a painstaking
process. There is so much I want to include,
and some of it I made hard on myself! Take
this page for instance. In the original book,
I have handwritten text all around this painting.
But it is all too personal to include in the
printed copy, so I had to mask it out when
scanned, and now I will have to add type back
in in Photoshop (thank heaven for that program)
I am sure some people would not want me
sharing all of our escapades, especially how many
times we crossed the street to get to this museum!
So, I will make this more generic...probably
Greece Digital Sketchbook $100 Coming in August
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