Monday, July 12, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Taking a break from Greece art...started on this
pair of dogs tonight. It is large, 16 x 20. I put down
a watercolor wash first to fill in some color all over.
This is a shortcut in colored pencil...helps to get
some underlying colors down so it goes faster adding
the pencil over it. Both mediums are transparent,
so they are compatible.
These dogs belong to a friend that wanted a large
portrait of them. They are a mother (on the right)
and her daughter ( on the left).
Should be finished in a couple of nights.
For info on Pet Portraits: email me.
I work from your photo, and there are several
sizes: 11 x 14 $100 16 x 20 $150 22 x 30 $250
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