Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two That Got Away

I am still planning to attend the CPSA annual
convention this weekend in Los Gatos, CA.
Part of that convention involves a slide show
of all the entries that didn't make the cut. This
is a very competitive show, and they only select
one piece per artist. You can enter two, and if you
are lucky, one will get in. This is the first time I
have been in in several years.
Anyway, these are two of the pieces that did not
make the show. The popcorn, "Pop Art" was
entered this year along with the rhino, and the
rhino made the cut. Last year, the jazz man was
entered, and did not make it. You never know
what the juror is going to like. You would hope that
really quality work would always trump weaker
work, but I have seen firsthand that that is not
always the case. I don't believe the subject matter
is always the determining factor, but craftsmanship
should always be. I have noticed that a lot of the
jurors want some kind of "expression" or "message"
in the work. I am not really big on that...I just draw
stuff that I like; I am not as deep as some would
like to make me. (That always cracks me up...when
I overhear someone in the gallery telling someone
else what my inspiration was, etc....hilarious).
The convention should be enjoyable. I am looking
forward to taking some pics around the area. Will
try to post the trip. stay tuned....
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