Friday, July 16, 2010

A License to Paint

I have several projects going on right now,
and that is unusual for me. I am a very
sequential person; I usually start and complete
a project before I move to the next one. But
the things I am working on now are long-term
things that I can't quite finish in one sitting.
So I try to make a little progress each day
on something...and skip around to suit my
mood. (ooh, that sounds so much like an artist...)
Anyway, here are two art licensing pages for
the portfolio I am sending off to some licensing
companies soon. This is one of the many things
I am juggling around. The others are:

1. Greece sketchbook (coming along)
2. Licensing Portfolio
3. Entry for Blossom Art Show
4. Layout Design for cafe menu
5. Greece art for Fall Show

Just a reminder about the watercolor give-away.
I am up to 37 followers! and one lucky one will
get the painting at the end of the month. (it is
at the top of the post )
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