Thursday, July 29, 2010

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

I am in California (after a few delays), but all is
well. I couldn't resist the highway sign, and I have
been singing the song ever since (some of you young
people will have no idea). And the fog rolling in is
such a strange site to me. We have fog in Louisiana,
but it usually is in the early morning, and mostly
along the rivers and swamps. I took these as I was
driving in my rental they are not exactly
great artistic photos! And if driving on a California
freeway was on my bucket list, I could get to mark
it off. I have always heard of the "101 South" and
today I got to do it. It was easy to find the hotel,
and I am all tucked in for the night.
The rhino is the whole reason I am here. That is
the piece that is in the CPSA Juried Show to be
held in Los Gatos. The address is 4 Tait Ave, and the
time for the opening reception is Saturday from
6-8pm. I believe the show will be up for a couple
of weeks. Check the website:
Welcome to any of you I met on the plane today:
old friends and new ones! You can sign up to be a
follower: I give away something each month to one
of my followers. All aboard!
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