Thursday, September 29, 2016

Looking at Lake Charles

This is the sign at the gallery where my art
is hanging...will share more pics soon.

Downtown Lake Charles is a very "artsy" place.  They have done
a lot of renovation.  Here's one artist's studio.  I will be
visiting this building before I leave!

The famous artist, George Rodrigue, painted his series of
blue dogs.  This is his cafe in downtown.  Haven't had the
chance to go in yet...but I will.

I drove around a little before I left the other day, after hanging the 
show.  The downtown area is really neat.  

The opening on Friday night is part of the Fall Art Promenade...I think 
there are several galleries that will be open at the same time.
Refreshments will be served, and there will be music.  It should be 
a lot of fun.  

I will post some photos from the opening.  
Stay tuned!!
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