Friday, September 23, 2016

Louisiana....Coming Home

"Louisiana...Coming Home"

Just about all ready!  Here are some of the pieces headed to 
Lake Charles for my show opening on the 30th.  It will be held at the 
Central School Arts and Humanities Center at 809 Kirby St in Lake Charles.
I have been really busy framing everything, and  
preparing the labels, etc.  I will hang it all on Monday, 
and come  back to Winnfield.  Then, on Friday morning, I 
will be on TV in Lake Charles, where they will interview me 
about the show.  Ha!  ought to be interesting.  I think I can 
"clean up" my Southern accent...maybe.  
Then the opening reception will be Friday night, the 30th 
from 5-9pm.  It will be lots of fun...hope some of you can 
make it.  If not, the show will be up through October 21.

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