Thursday, September 8, 2016

"Peace, Love, and Beignets" Finished

Just about finished with this drawing of a dishwasher at the
famous Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans.  I finished the apron last
night, and tonight I worked on the background.  I tossed and turned
all night last night about the background.  I don't like them...viewers of
this blog know that!  The cafe building has a green and white striped
awning, and I thought about some stripes in the background.
Then I thought about drawing some of the building (a column, etc).
Too busy...So I did what I usually do!!  Just some color smudged
around!  Maybe simpler is better.  I like it for now.  May
tweak a little more before I frame it.  I did the background with
pastel chalk...if I had done it in colored pencil, it would have
taken me FOREVER!!

I am heading out to Clifton Texas for the opening reception of
the Bosque Conservatory show.  Will be back next week, and ready
to finish framing everything.

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