Monday, November 5, 2007

Watercolor on Canvas demo

Today I drove to Shreveport, LA to do a demonstration
of watercolor on canvas for the Shreveport Art Club. It
was so much fun. There were about 30 there, and I
did two paintings in two hours (not fully completed),
but it gave them the inspiration to want to try some
watercolor on this new surface. I painted this parrot,
and then a flamingo which I will post tomorrow.
Watercolor on canvas is a great new thing. I do the pen
and ink drawing first, and then wet the canvas, and do the
wet-into-wet washes first. As it dries, I add a lot more
pigment so it will be intense. I enjoy adding lots of
mixed media on top of the paint; in this case, some
colored pencil, pastel, and tulip slick puffy paint!
The painting will be added to the Key West section
of the "Palms to Pines" art show opening Thursday.
"Polly Who?" original wc on canvas 16 x 20 $200.00

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