Saturday, June 21, 2008

Home on the (mountain) Range

Still painting scenes from Costa Rica...this little
home was near the Doka Coffee plantation that
we were able to tour. You can visit their website
and purchase some of their wonderful coffee: The plantation is 4500
feet above sea level, and has rich volcanic soil.
The average temperature is 78 degrees, and is
perfect for growing the arabica beans. They
clear the forest to plant the coffee. Then they
either plant trees back among the coffee plants
or banana plants. Trees offer shade; the coffee
grows better in the shade. And the banana
plants draw the underground worms away
because their roots taste better than the
coffee roots! The coffee beans are harvested
from October to February, all by hand, and
mostly by Nicaraguans.
I don't drink coffee myself, but it sure did
smell wonderful...

Home on the Range orig wc 9 x 12 $45.00
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