Wednesday, October 1, 2008

On the Prowl

When I go out to take photos around the house,
I am usually accompanied by the 3 cats. And they
usually end up in some of the shots. Huey is the
light grey one, that thinks he is "Simba". He has a
very sweet disposition. Dewey is the black one, and
is the strong, silent type. He is the most devoted to
me, and will follow me anywhere. Louie is the dark
striped one. He is the biggest, and kind of the bully.
He likes to play, but he is a serious hunter. They
keep me company, and I am blessed to have them.
I am preparing to go to the show in San Antonio.
It will be in La Villita in downtown Saturday the 4th,
and Sunday the 5th. I am taking some watercolors,
and some photography, a few colored pencil prints,
and a couple of pencil drawings. I am taking all of
the Big Bend work that I had left from the Schepis
show, and several San Antonio paintings and photos.
It is fun for me to be in my hometown, and see family
and friends.

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