Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Homes, Oaks and Gardens

 We also had time on Monday to visit a couple
of the historic plantation homes between Baton
Rouge and New Orleans.  This is Houmas House.
 This is the famous Oak Alley, located near the
town of Vacherie.  These oaks are close to 300
years old.  wow
 Houmas House has beautiful gardens, and this
lovely water lily was still blooming, even in
 The water lily was near this Japanese water
garden and bridge
 This is a different view of Oak Alley.  I have
a customer who wants a large photo on canvas
of one of the plantation homes.
This is my friend and guide on the trip,
Mr. Bob Carroll.  You can really see the scale of
the trees with him in the picture!  They are quite
astonishing.  There were lots of tourists there for a
Monday, and I had to wait a long time to be able
to take a photograph of the house without any
people.  I managed to get a few in between tours,
and I hope the client will want one of them.

Houmas House Plantation Tours
Oak Alley Plantation Tours
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