Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mentor Time

I am sure I have talked about the Senior Project
class they offer in the high schools here in our parish.
The seniors select an area of study that they know
very little about, and then enlist a mentor to teach
them about that subject.  They must meet with the
mentor a certain amount of time, and then they must
complete a project from the study.  And they must
write a paper about the experience and the subject.
I think it is a great program, and I have been a mentor
for several students over the last couple of years.

I currently have another one.  Emily wanted to learn all
about photography, and then do a finished print as her
project.  We have been meeting for a couple of weeks
learning about the camera, photography techniques and
lighting, and composition.  Sunday afternoon we were
able to get away for a little while and actually take some
pictures!  Here she is out at the Kisatchie National Forest
taking in the fall foliage.  I liked the ones of the trees
reflecting in the water, cool.  Now we will get together
and edit some of these in the computer.  ( I enjoy getting
to teach a little without grading papers or checking roll!)

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