Sunday, November 20, 2011

Loose Ends

 I can get so many things going at once, it can
become overwhelming.  As the "token" artist in
town, I am "commissioned " to do lots of things for paint a grandbaby's name on a rocking
 ...this is for Kate for Christmas from her
 ..this old wooden box now is adorned with
a daughter's monogram...(that paint in the bowl
looks like a fried egg?!)...

...and now this old door is a chalkboard and corkboard
for someone's office.
I spent the afternoon finishing up these projects so I can
concentrate on the children's portraits I have to do! 
My problem is that I can't tell anyone "no", and
this time of year, I just want everyone to be
happy.  I do enjoy having a hand in someone's
special gift at Christmas...I think that is what
the season is supposed to be about!

For Info on any special ideas or projects
you may want done:
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