Friday, July 19, 2013

It Has Already Begun!

We leave for China in just a few days!  One of my art teacher travelers
said he had already done his opening page in his sketchbook, so I
thought I would get started as well!  So, here is my first page in
the China travel sketchbook.  I sketched it in pencil, using photos
in my Fodor's Guidebook to China, and then painted it with
watercolor.  I also used my little signature stamp! (It says "Gail" in
Chinese...who could tell?!)  I usually do this while waiting in
the airport, but now I can just "people watch" in New Orleans, Louisiana,
 Atlanta Georgia, Tokyo, and then Beijing! 
You can check back, and I will be updating the
pages as we go.  Should be a great, colorful, and unique trip.

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