Sunday, December 15, 2013

"Come and Sing to our Silence"

There are so many things to get done during the Christmas season!
The decorating, the shopping, cooking, wrapping gifts,
and addressing and sending cards.  It can all be sort of
overwhelming.  And it is easy to become apathetic and

We sang our Christmas program tonight.  It was filled with
encouraging messages of hope, peace, and joy.  It
 warmed my soul as I sang the lyrics
to the beautiful music.  One song spoke to me: 

"Lord Jesus, come and shine in our darkness;
come and speak to our longing; 
come and sing to our silence..... 
Let Christmas begin." 

I believe if I can hold onto the real meaning of this season...
preparing for Christ's return to our hearts
and our lives, then the discouragement and
despair will disappear. 
My "to do " list will seem joyful, and making preparations for
my family and friends will bring a sense of gratitude.  I am grateful for
our Savior and a season each year when we celebrate His birth, and
remember why He came.  Let Christmas each of you.
And God bless us all!

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