Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sign of the Times

I got a chance to finish painting on the wall this past
weekend.  It was fun!  I was trying to advertise many of
the things we offer in the shop.  So many people, even local
people, do not know all the things we have under our roof.
I am really hoping to entice some of those travelers on the highway
to take the turn, pull in, and come and have lunch, or dessert,
or a coke float!

You don't have to be traveling to come in and enjoy those things
either!  And we also do custom framing.  I can repair your broken
glass on an existing frame.  I can re-mat artwork or documents.

We have a full line of boutique clothing now; lots of jewelry; spa items
(lotions, scents, candles, bath products) as well as toys,
decorative accessories, antiques and "junktiques".  If you
haven't been in lately, stop by and check us out.  You will not be


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