Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Show and Tell

I just received notification that these two pieces were
accepted into the September Competition at the
Alexandria Museum.  Woohoo!
I have never been in this show.  I don't remember entering
very often.  But this time, I had some work I thought might
have a chance at getting in, and
I was right!
I have to frame them both with some "gallery framing".
It should be a plain simple mat with a simple black or
wooden frame.  It highlights the work more
if the frame is not distracting.  White mats allow the work
to "pop" or show up.

I have also been chosen to be on the review team
for the DAF, the Arts Council of Central Louisiana
grant proposals.  I have to read and study each
one, and rate them, making comments as I go.  Then we meet
as a panel,and review them, and determine who gets what
funding.  It is a good opportunity to
meet some others in the art community in Alexandria.  It is
also giving me lots of ideas for art related activities
that I could do in my own little town. 

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