Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Time for Class

Mr. Chad Smith teaching the kids a little watercolor today.

Samuel working on some colored pencil

Chad giving out some instruction.

I usually teach the Wednesday afternoon art classes.  But this year,
a young man and former art student of mine, has returned to Winnfield,
and was interested in doing some teaching.  So, I agreed to let him
try his hand a the children's really get his feet wet!
He taught all summer, and now he is continuing this fall.
Today, they did some basic watercolor, and painted a cardinal.
They all seemed to catch on, and enjoy the class.  Chad is
doing a great job, and really loves it.  I will continue to guide him
on what to teach, and provide the supplies.  I'm just enjoying the break,
and giving this young man a chance to do something we both love.

Children's Art Classes   Ages 10 and up  Wed pm  4-5 pm
$15.00 a lesson

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